Brannon CPA is a full service accounting firm in Tyrone, Georgia. We serve a broad base of individual and business clients. Our firm was founded on the idea that every client is entitled to an unconditional commitment of our time and resources. We believe that a high level of personal service is expected by each client and we go the "second mile" to deliver that service.

Secure File Transfer

Security and privacy issues are of utmost concern to us, as they no doubt are to you. We offer this secure facility for sending your paperwork to us, rather than the more open method of submitting files through the e-mail process. When we next logon to our e-mail account, we will receive an e-mail alert indicating that a file is ready to download. As soon as we have the opportunity to download the file(s), you will receive an e-mail directly from us that we have received your information.

Upload your file(s) securely by clicking here or the image below.

Thank you for choosing Brannon CPA.